Snow Services

Full-Service Commercial Snow Plowing Removal

Snow removal is a primary business for us! We are not a landscape company that does snow as a winter filler. We take pride in our training, knowledge and professionalism in the snow removal and deicing industry. We are proud members of both SIMA (snow and ice management association) and the ASCA (accredited snow contractors association)

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Before the Snow Season

Pre-Season walkthroughs allow our operators to get an idea of the layout of your property before the snow falls reducing risk of damage.

We provide customers with a report of any damage/concerns found on the property. This allows us to determine if damage has been caused by snow removal during the season so we can repair or replace anything we have damaged.

During this walkthrough we map out your property and plan out strategies based on landmarks, parking lot pitch, drainage, ect to determine where to pile snow so it has minimal impact on the function and safety of your parking lot.

Bores Property Services provides a variety of snow and ice management services. We offer plowing, sidewalk shoveling/snow blowing, snow relocation, parking lot deicing, sidewalk deicing, and pretreating. We offer per push or seasonal contracts.

Chris Bores (owner/operator) holds an Advanced Snow Manager designation from SIMA and is ASCA certified. In the constantly changing industry of snow and ice management we value education and we regularly offer new training courses to our snow team employees.
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Pretreat: Snow & Ice