Experienced Hydroseeding Care

Hydroseed is a mixture of blended mulches and paper, combined with seed, water, and nutrients all mixed together in a tank. This mixture creates a slurry that is then applied to your prepared area. Germination starts within 10-14 days and full growth can generally be observed in about 6-8 weeks.

Bores Property Services has successfully been hydroseeding for years and are excited to expand into bigger projects. After years of servicing our local customers and communities, we branched into widespread projects over the years resulting in the purchase of a 2500-gallon Bowie Hydroseeder. No job is too big or too small as we have done projects for the local homeowners, sports fields for our community, and traveled all throughout New England applying various kinds of hydroseeding to solar fields.

Hydroseeding Services we provide (but are not limited to):

Call us today with your needs and we will design a custom hydroseed mix for your project!
backyard of home with hydro seed sprayed

Individualized Treatments

When you use BPS, you’ll see the time and care we put into each and every install. A tech will visit your house or job site to collect soil samples for testing. We work closely with our vendors to create the perfect custom hydroseed mix for your projects based off your soil sample results. Hydroseeding works best when applied to groomed areas. If you need site work or topsoil grading done before we hydroseed, that is ok, we do that too! BPS houses a wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment for all your project’s needs. Check out our excavation page for more information.

Erosion Control with ProGanics

We specialize in your typical local hydroseeding services using wood fiber and paper mulch products, but we are also efficient in erosion control applications of bonded fiber matrix and topsoil replacements such as ProGanics, an advanced engineered soil media. We are excited to expand our roots as a reputable hydroseed company as we continue to service all your erosion control and turf needs.

man spraying hydro seed

Hydroseeding in Action: